Our home page offers a good outline of the type of information that we have to offer you. This section, which is about us, focuses more on why we chose the topics we did to elaborate on and how they can benefit you as a business owner who is promoting their business online. We know that there are many small businesses that are up against some stiff competition. The information that is learned here can help put the small business owner on par with the bigger ones.


There is no way that we could create a website that is focused on helping business owners to succeed online without covering the topic of marketing. This is something that becomes overwhelming and confusing for many new business owners that are just starting online. Undoubtedly this is because there are a variety of different types of marketing strategies that have to be developed. We wanted to focus on this, bringing attention to the one which is going to be the most important, with the hopes that the business visitor will choose one or two that they may feel the most comfortable with.

Website Design

It doesn’t matter whether business owners are going to hire a professional or do their website design themselves, they must understand the importance of this. It starts with some basics, and there are a lot of resources that can be used to assist the business owner. We wanted to focus on this because it is the starting point that is going to be the most in important for the business owner when it comes to their online presence. Their website is representing them, and their business and every step of getting a site ready has to be considered important.


Often when information is being given to help business owners with their online presence, hosting does not get enough attention. Here we felt that it would be beneficial to those that are visiting our site to have some basic knowledge about hosting so that they can make informed decisions. No business owner is going to be able to have a website live without choosing some form of hosting.

Marketing Strategies

Everything that a business does online should be planned out. When it comes to marketing, we wanted to make sure that the new business owner has some basic idea of what marketing strategies are and why they are so important. These strategies are needed to run a successful marketing campaign.

Proper Training

For those business owners that are going to develop their website and maintain an online presence, some training may be needed. The decision will have to be made about what area of training they want to focus on. We believe one that should be strongly considered is web design training.