What You Need to Know About Hosting

A major area that needs attention when a business is going to go online is where they are going to host their website. This is also an area that often doesn’t get the attention it needs. This is mostly because business owners don’t fully understand the importance of hosting and how it works.

What is Hosting?

Undoubtedly hosting is a service that is provided by companies to allow websites to become live online. These companies specialise in offering different services to allow for this. The business owner’s website is placed on a server that the hosting company owns, and it is through this server that the site can go live on the Internet. Basically, a server is a large and powerful computer that is only designated for a few tasks. There are different types of servers that the hosting companies will use, and this is where some knowledge is useful on the part of the customer when buying hosting services.

Types of Web Hosting

This can be where the confusion comes in for the client looking at hosting services. There are several different types, and the business owner is not sure which one to choose. Some will opt for going for the cheapest while others will go for the most expensive believing that they are going to get the best service. The right way to choose web hosting should be based on what is going to meet the needs of the website being hosted. Some of the types of hosting are as follows:

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is simply where sites that are using the services of the hosting company will share space on one of the servers owned by the hosting company. This is the most common form of hosting that many new businesses will choose when first starting out. It is usually the one that is the least expensive. In many cases, it will serve the small business owner well except that there can be some issues such as overcrowding on the server, which can lead to problems for the individual websites being hosted on it.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for a virtual private server. Those that are going to opt for this type of hosting are stepping up from what the shared hosting has to offer. There is one main server along with several other small servers. The main server is shared among all the websites that are going to be hosted on it, but each site has one virtual server that it operates off. What this means is that there are not as many people using the main server, so stronger capabilities are available to those sites that are being hosted through VPS.

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server is just as the name implies it is dedicated to the website that is going to be hosted on it. There are no other websites that share this server. As can be imagined, this is usually a relatively more expensive form of hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is one of the newest methods being available for hosting. Here a group of servers work together to host the websites that are using server. It is similar to shared hosting but does not have to deal with some of the common issues that come with such forms of hosting.

Choosing the right one should be based on the needs of the website.